ART 302: Reading #1, Critical Theory

As we get dressed every morning, we never question our outfit and makeup choices or ever ask ourselves if the outfit is proper to wear in our country and by government rules.

Russian women did just that. They had to abide by government “dress code” rules. Before 1991, Russian women were told to follow Communist rules of dressing, which appraised simplicity. Clothing was to be kept modest and adornment free. Beauty wise, no makeup and short hair were required.

After the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, women took the initiative to learn all they could about beauty. All pressure they had from the government for women to be androgynous and simple, made them even more interested in beauty and fashion. They learned about Western ideals of beauty and they saw films that perceived women as successful, just through their appearance. They connected the fabulous clothing and makeup with feminity and with advancement in life.

After moving to Canada, these women were brought into the Western fashion ideals. Russian women went out of their way to get the same looks of Western fashion because in their country, they didn’t have fashionable clothing at all. A woman had the perception that you couldn’t wear the same thing twice but in Russia you could. They preferred it to be that way because in Russia they couldn’t wear nice things and feel “well-dressed” but in Canada, they did have the luxury to do that. 

After reading the article, I can see why the Russian women had different perceptions of beauty. Every culture has a different definition of what beauty truly is.

Does this correlation of beauty and success still exist today?

Do you find that people still dress to “fit in” and to “be like everyone else”? Why?

If you were to live in another country, would you change your wardrobe to blend in with everyone else?

Does having money and fashion correlate in any way?



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