ART 302: Cultural Garment

Clothing can be seen as one of the most cultural items to identify yourself with. I am half-Mexican and half- Salvadorian and my Hispanic heritage is very rich with culture, whether it’s in clothes, food, music, etc. Both of my grandmothers are active sewers. My Mexican grandmother in particular, likes to knit and crochet, preferably the latter. Ever since I was born she would always crochet scarves, sweaters, socks, etc. She crocheted this sweater for me. She didn’t want to tell me how long it took her to do, she said it was better kept as a secret but I love it nonetheless. Whenever I wear it, I remember the times when I would visit her home in Mexico, with music playing and the smell of her cooking. I feel like crochet tops have a very ethnic feel to them, very earthy and home like. I love wearing this garment because it’s a definite conversation starter which I always end up telling them the stories of my grandmother and her crocheting and how it ties into my Mexican culture.


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