ART 302: Reading #6

Reading: The Fashioned Body by Joanne Entwistle
(quotes are taken by the reading, unless stated otherwise)
Does your dress follow traditional gender rolls?
I believe that my dress does follow traditional gender roles. In this day and age, my choice of dress are fully approved by the “traditional” gender roles. I believe the way you dress, based on how you style it, makes you have a feminine look or masculine look. I personally own pieces that might be considered by society as men’s clothing but I still wear them regardless.
“While a distinction between sex and gender is useful in that it denaturalizes common associations between the characteristics of the body and the characteristics of ‘femininity’ and ‘masculinity’, many contemporary feminists are sceptical about the possibility of drawing a clear line between sex and gender.”
How does your gender influence your apparel choices?
Gender does influence my apparel choices. I love wearing feminine tops. I feel very plain with a t-shirt on or a basic knit top. I think the reason behind this is that I have always felt that I have a masculine-like body since I’m so tall and have a big frame so I always try to incorporate a very feminine piece in my outfit, whether its my shoes, blouse, or cardigan because of this reason. If I wear something TOO basic and plain, I feel masculine-like.
“Clothing is one of the most immediate and effective examples of the way in which bodies are gendered, made “feminine” or “masculine.”
In what ways do you dress outside of your gender?
Women are expected to be in feminine garments, such as dresses, skirts, heels, and blouses. In my case, I love wearing jeans. Pants are traditionally a male garment but women began to wear them as well. I wear jeans or any type of pant almost 90% of the time. The other 10%, I do reserve that for special events where dresses or skirts are needed. Another piece of clothing that is considered a male garment, a blazer, is something I wear all the time. I love my blazers! Dressing them up or down always finished a outfit for me, considering its a male garment, I sure love them.
“The body is so frequently invoked through clothing that we tend to take for granted that the jacket worn by a man exaggerates his broad shoulders and decolletage emphasizes a woman’s throat and breasts.”
“I’m not trying to put all men in skirts, I just want to give them the freedom to wear a skirt if they want to.” Jean Paul Gaultier speaking about his Fall/Winter 1985 Collection

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