ART 302: Sports, Religion, and Dress

When playing sports, you usually have to follow a certain dress code to comply with the rules of the game. What if your religious beliefs got in the way of playing your favorite sport? That was the case for Zeinab Hammoud, who’s Taekwondo team was disqualified from the Taekwondo Federation of Quebec in 2007. They were eliminated only for violation of the sports’ dresscode by wearing their religious garment, the hijab because it was considered unsafe.

“In my opinion every individual, no matter their religion, should have the same rights as anyone else in society, I mean, sports was made to re-unite people.” Elham Seyed Javad

After all of the backlash received from the disqualification of the team over a religious garment, Elham Seyed Javad created a garment that was not only dress code acceptable for many sports, but also followed the religious beliefs. She created the garment called ResportOn ( that allowed hijab-wearing women play sports safely and comfortably.—a-Tale-of-the-Sports-Hijab-128404463.html


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