ART 302: Final Project Proposal

An alter ego is a fantasy of a person that you create who can be considered as another personality of yourself. An alter ego can be in various different forms, for example if your naturally shy and timid but your alter ego can be outgoing and adventurous. For the final project, I have decided to take on the role of becoming masculine as much as I can while still being a female.

I am a very feminine girl. I always have makeup on, have clean, neat clothes, and like girly things. Like I said in my previous post about gender roles and clothing, I always dress in feminine garments because I feel if I don’t dress like that, I feel masculine due to my height and big frame. I don’t wear tennis shoes/sneakers often, I don’t go out in sweatpants or sweaters, and I rarely leave the house with no makeup and my hair not done. Without my normal clothing and beauty related items, I feel extremely uncomfortable. I want to see how I would get treated and perceived as if I didn’t dress the “right” way a woman should dress. Also, I want to see if people would question my gender because my body is not considered that of a “normal” woman due to me being 6ft and big frame.

I will transform myself in two different ways. I want to split it up into 4 days total of 3 hours each. I will go to places I regularly go to, such as, Starbucks, where I get my homework done, the mall, to the movies, and I’m also considering to come to school dressed like that to see what kinds of reactions I get.

Two days out of the four, I want to dress masculine while still portraying the image of a female. An example of this is Missy Elliott. I will wear male jerseys, hats, baggy pants, and tennis shoes. I will leave my hair out and wear no makeup.

The other two days, I will dress as masculine as I can get. I will put my hair up as much as I can and tuck it into a hat or beanie. I will not wear makeup. I will wear baggy shirts, and pants, along with tennis shoes. I will TRY to conceal my breasts as much as I can under the baggy clothes. I want to portray a man without giving any light to my feminine features.

I will take pictures and videos as my journey to the different places I go. Once I get an encounter where I feel like I am being stared at for long or anything of that sort, I will video record what is happening. I also want to include an interview of an interviewer (one of my friends) asking people if they are questioning my gender or what they think of my outfit in terms of society. I will post these items on my blog at the end of my day in my alter ego.


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