ART 204: Final Project

The Beatrice Wood exhibition left me absolutely breathless.  I was captivated from all the different elements each piece had and how by using different shapes and colors created a beautiful, timeless effect. I was immediately drawn to this sculpture, which is called “Blue Luster Double Necked Bottle With Braided Design.” This picture is from an online gallery because we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the exhibit. I really wish I could have though because this picture doesn’t do it justice. The colors captivated me in the from that it had a million different types of blue hues; from teal, navy, royal, all with a beautiful silver sheen. Besides the color, the shape of the object really made it stand out as compared to the other sculptures in the room that had more shape to them in terms that this one was the only “bulky” item I saw. I love the structure of the two necks and the curves of the sphere. These two opposite elements make a really interesting design when it comes to getting inspiration to make a garment. One thing that my design will focus on is the braiding element of the sculpture.

I really want to focus on the neck element of the sculpture. I love the sphere shape as well but I think its pretty obvious what kind of shape to do with the sphere so I rather focus on something a little more “unique.” I originally had wanted to do a puffy, one sleeved shoulder dress but it was too many elements at once. With that being said, Professor Lung edited all the elements I wanted into a garment, in one solid piece. Its a wrap dress with a longer, kimono type sleeve that we originally did. The back part, I want it to be a bit lowered from the neckline to create an elegant effect. I like the simplicity of it. The detailed elements I want to add will ultimately make this garment unique.

I plan on using the same color palette that the sculpture has. I picked out a teal-gold braided-like trim to use all around the dress and ultimately be the ties for the dress. The colors I plan to use is a royal blue cotton fabric or a blue-green rayon-polyester blend fabric.

The pages in the book I will use are:


338-351 for the sleeves

290-292 for the A-line skirt


Visit the Santa Monica Museum of Art:


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