ART 204: Final Garment

This was my inspiration for my Final Garment. I love the boldness of the color seeping within the cloudy gray color. I love the precise detailing and how it starts to create a silhouette just by the rope detail.

The final garment I created from the inspiration was a wrap dress. I originally had created a one shoulder dress with a ‘poofy’ sleeve to mimic the tubes and a ‘flowy’ type of skirt to portray the bottom of the vase. Professor Lung and I agreed that there were too many ideas in my original dress so she created something similar to this.

I decided to go with this simple dress but it more interesting with a very elegant trim around the dress. I picked a bold, darkened blue green and a gold and turquoise trim.

I started by creating my pattern. Although we had already done a wrap dress in class, I decided to start it again and lengthen the sleeves a bit and make it shorter as well.

My First Attempt at the Wrap Dress. Everything came out fine but the sleeve gave me so much trouble. I don’t know exactly what happened because my sleeve pattern was fine but I had to make some adjustments.

My second attempt was a bit better. I used a stretchy, cotton fabric for my sample and my sleeve came out better. I wish I would have picked a cotton fabric once I saw it on my sample because it seems to flow with the type of dress. But I already had bought my fabric so I decided to just go with the polyester-spandex blend.

(Sorry for the wrinkles, I accidently thought it was scraps but it turns out I was about to throw away my dress)

After much debating if I should do another sample to calm my nerves before actually cutting out my fabric, I decided to just go ahead and continue with my corrected pattern pieces. Here are my final pattern pieces.

Ready to cut my fabric with my marker on top.

Once I started sewing, I felt confident enough that my dress was coming along fine. I enjoyed sewing it since it is pretty straight forward. My only concern was the way I was sewing the sleeves but they came out pretty good. My fabric was a bit stiff, even though I had washed it before I started sewing. Here is my completed dress before adding the trim.

I decided to make the dress tie one way only. I know a lot of wrap dresses have a way to wrap on both sides but I just liked it like this better. I attached a piece of trim on the inside for it to tie to the inside front piece.

Then, I attached a trim on the outside for the outer front piece can tie to. I think I like this concept for a dress like this, especially because of the fabric.

Overall, I am not too keen on the simplicity of the dress but I managed to spice it up with the trim. I think the fabric needs to be softened a bit more to make it flow better and contour to the body. I wish I would have gone for a more complex idea but maybe I would have got too carried away and probably would have made a ‘too many ideas’ garment. I love the fact that I managed to correct my problems and didn’t become frustrated along the way, which is an improvement for me. As a Merchandising Major, I didn’t think I would be able to create patterns and make things from 2D to 3D. I definitely enjoyed the class and I’m grateful for being able to take this class and learn so much from it. I wish I had enough creativity and patience to be able to do more things like this because I enjoy it very much.

My mom loved the dress, and sure enough, it fit her perfectly.


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