Product Statement & Demographic Report


esteelauderEstēe Lauder is a cosmetics retailer that began in 1946 and quickly became one of the leaders in the cosmetic industry. The company has managed to maintain a profitable success with people who have followed them since it began and generations after that. With that being said, they tend to attract middle aged women with advertisements from celebrities of the same age. Younger women are not specifically targeted to these products, although they create some of the best cosmetics compared to others that do target younger people. Therefore, I am choosing to rebrand Estēe Lauder and create a line to attract a younger market but still keeping some of the classic qualities of the Lauder brand.

Raw Beauty by Estēe will be division within Estēe Lauder brand to target the young adult market. It will target mostly women from the ages 18-28, with a median income of $25,000. Most of these women are high school graduates, either working full time or attending college/university. There will be a precise budget price points, ranging from $15-$50. The brand will only be carried in their own store and online.

These cosmetics will be used by the young woman who needs the refined beauty products without the older generation feeling. They are looking for trendy cosmetic products with a fixed price point and chic packaging. Also, they are going to be targeted with cruelty free products, since Estēe Lauder is known for testing on animals. Promotion and marketing will be based on emerging artists and actresses. Overall, with Estēe Lauder classics and a refreshed concept, Raw Beauty by Estēe will be prosperous in the cosmetic industry.



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