Street Blog: Concept Statement

SanteeMapSantee Alley is located in the Fashion District in Downtown Los Angeles. It is between on Maple Ave and Santee Ave and run from 12th Street and Olympic Blvd.  “The Alley” is one of the biggest shopping destinations in Los Angeles. Santee Alley sells everything from women’s wear, shoes, accessories, shoes, and cosmetics.

We wanted to focus our blog on the street fashion of Santee Alley. Since it’s in the heart of the Fashion District, we wanted to see what kind of people shop here and why they choose to shop here instead of other shopping centers such as malls, outlets, etc. Also, we want to see what people are buying and the price points. Since the alley is known to sell counterfeits, we want to also investigate if any of these fashionistas are prone to buy these types of items.

We are going to look for women and men, who are between the ages of 18-26. We will use photography and video to capture any interaction we have with people.

Sample of questions we might ask:

What brings you to Santee Alley?

What inspires your fashion choices?

What’s your favorite store in Santee Alley?

Do you buy all your clothes from Santee Alley? If not, what do you buy?

How far did you travel to get here?

How long have you been shopping here?


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