ART 204: Final Garment

This was my inspiration for my Final Garment. I love the boldness of the color seeping within the cloudy gray color. I love the precise detailing and how it starts to create a silhouette just by the rope detail.

The final garment I created from the inspiration was a wrap dress. I originally had created a one shoulder dress with a ‘poofy’ sleeve to mimic the tubes and a ‘flowy’ type of skirt to portray the bottom of the vase. Professor Lung and I agreed that there were too many ideas in my original dress so she created something similar to this.

I decided to go with this simple dress but it more interesting with a very elegant trim around the dress. I picked a bold, darkened blue green and a gold and turquoise trim.

I started by creating my pattern. Although we had already done a wrap dress in class, I decided to start it again and lengthen the sleeves a bit and make it shorter as well.

My First Attempt at the Wrap Dress. Everything came out fine but the sleeve gave me so much trouble. I don’t know exactly what happened because my sleeve pattern was fine but I had to make some adjustments.

My second attempt was a bit better. I used a stretchy, cotton fabric for my sample and my sleeve came out better. I wish I would have picked a cotton fabric once I saw it on my sample because it seems to flow with the type of dress. But I already had bought my fabric so I decided to just go with the polyester-spandex blend.

(Sorry for the wrinkles, I accidently thought it was scraps but it turns out I was about to throw away my dress)

After much debating if I should do another sample to calm my nerves before actually cutting out my fabric, I decided to just go ahead and continue with my corrected pattern pieces. Here are my final pattern pieces.

Ready to cut my fabric with my marker on top.

Once I started sewing, I felt confident enough that my dress was coming along fine. I enjoyed sewing it since it is pretty straight forward. My only concern was the way I was sewing the sleeves but they came out pretty good. My fabric was a bit stiff, even though I had washed it before I started sewing. Here is my completed dress before adding the trim.

I decided to make the dress tie one way only. I know a lot of wrap dresses have a way to wrap on both sides but I just liked it like this better. I attached a piece of trim on the inside for it to tie to the inside front piece.

Then, I attached a trim on the outside for the outer front piece can tie to. I think I like this concept for a dress like this, especially because of the fabric.

Overall, I am not too keen on the simplicity of the dress but I managed to spice it up with the trim. I think the fabric needs to be softened a bit more to make it flow better and contour to the body. I wish I would have gone for a more complex idea but maybe I would have got too carried away and probably would have made a ‘too many ideas’ garment. I love the fact that I managed to correct my problems and didn’t become frustrated along the way, which is an improvement for me. As a Merchandising Major, I didn’t think I would be able to create patterns and make things from 2D to 3D. I definitely enjoyed the class and I’m grateful for being able to take this class and learn so much from it. I wish I had enough creativity and patience to be able to do more things like this because I enjoy it very much.

My mom loved the dress, and sure enough, it fit her perfectly.


ART 204: Final Project

The Beatrice Wood exhibition left me absolutely breathless.  I was captivated from all the different elements each piece had and how by using different shapes and colors created a beautiful, timeless effect. I was immediately drawn to this sculpture, which is called “Blue Luster Double Necked Bottle With Braided Design.” This picture is from an online gallery because we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the exhibit. I really wish I could have though because this picture doesn’t do it justice. The colors captivated me in the from that it had a million different types of blue hues; from teal, navy, royal, all with a beautiful silver sheen. Besides the color, the shape of the object really made it stand out as compared to the other sculptures in the room that had more shape to them in terms that this one was the only “bulky” item I saw. I love the structure of the two necks and the curves of the sphere. These two opposite elements make a really interesting design when it comes to getting inspiration to make a garment. One thing that my design will focus on is the braiding element of the sculpture.

I really want to focus on the neck element of the sculpture. I love the sphere shape as well but I think its pretty obvious what kind of shape to do with the sphere so I rather focus on something a little more “unique.” I originally had wanted to do a puffy, one sleeved shoulder dress but it was too many elements at once. With that being said, Professor Lung edited all the elements I wanted into a garment, in one solid piece. Its a wrap dress with a longer, kimono type sleeve that we originally did. The back part, I want it to be a bit lowered from the neckline to create an elegant effect. I like the simplicity of it. The detailed elements I want to add will ultimately make this garment unique.

I plan on using the same color palette that the sculpture has. I picked out a teal-gold braided-like trim to use all around the dress and ultimately be the ties for the dress. The colors I plan to use is a royal blue cotton fabric or a blue-green rayon-polyester blend fabric.

The pages in the book I will use are:


338-351 for the sleeves

290-292 for the A-line skirt


Visit the Santa Monica Museum of Art:

ART 204: Collared Shirt

The collared shirt is one of the most complicated garments to make, in my opinion. It has so many elements that make it difficult, but I know how much we all love our dress shirts. I think this project was the one I was dreading the most because of my bad experience in my ART 106 class with reconstructing a dress shirt but this wasn’t bad at afterall. The finished product was from a second attempt because in the first one, I sewed on the sleeve upside down, if that makes sense. See! Notches do wonders and really help out. Also, the collar was giving me trouble but I resolved my issues with a little redoing. Overall, I think it came out pretty good but as always, its at Professor Lung’s discretion 🙂






P.S- I used my tracing wheel thinking that I had my cutting mat underneath but it turns out, it wasn’t! I engraved the dart pattern into my mother’s dinner table! She hasn’t noticed yet, but when she does, eep!


ART 204: Princessline Strapless Dress

The Princessline Strapless Dress is such a classic piece to make. I think this has been my favorite project so far. I love the design and shape of this dress. I did encounter some problems along the road, the bottom hem (which I didn’t know if we had to do it or not) and the boning. I mistakenly cut any extra fabric on the inside seams and didn’t have enough room for the boning but I did see it was an easy process. I plan to incorporate pattern into my final project, I just need to get inspired from the exhibit and we’ll go from there.








P.S: I really need to invest in a dress form to show off my garments, any advice where to find one? 🙂

ART 204: Dolman Sleeve

The Dolman Sleeve was pretty easy to create. At first, I was very discouraged because this type of sleeve seemed pretty intricate to make because of the flowyness of the garment but it truly wasn’t. I love that the process was very straight forward and the sewing was simple. I am thinking of creating a Dolman Sleeved Top because I love the look and feel that it gives to a simple top.




ART 204: My Completed Skirt, Sleeve & Short on Muslin

This project seemed like a lot of work at first but it really wasn’t, at least for me. Its just a matter of finding time to do it, which in my case, is pretty hard. But with no excuses, I managed to work at my own pace throughout the week and completed my garments just in time. I say they came out pretty decent, but then again, I always say it but I’m not the one grading it 🙂





ART 204: Bodice Sloper

At last, I am done. This first project was a definite challenge for me. I am not the best person when it comes to measurements and sewing, but I always like to try my hardest and push myself to do my best. This was the best one from the other three I did. It was definitely a challenge for me. I had the most trouble making the measurements as accurate as possible. Cutting and tracing was obviously easy. The muslin sample however, gave me trouble. The dart of the front bodice sloper was the most difficult one to do, in my opinion. I tried to accurately place it and sew it just as the book says but it was angled and seemed incorrect, but again, I fixed it various times and this is how it came out. This project was very fun overall but its just the measurements that I kept doubting and changing and redoing. Nonetheless, here is my finished sample, along with my cut out pattern.