Lookbook: Concept Statement

For our lookbook, we will be showcasing different fashionable outfits using the Pantone Spring 2013 Color Trend Report. We will be showing 6 looks of how you can wear the 10 unique colors, either by themselves or together.

The lookbook will be a catalogue that provide inspiration to the upcoming Spring season, giving the viewer ideas of how to wear the color in a whole outfit or wearing hints of color throughout the outfit.

The shoot will be in Heritage Park in Cerritos which has stone work on walls which will provide a texture to the photographs and provide vibrancy to the colors.

We have two models who are going to be in the shoot. We will be pulling clothes from Jasmine’s Aunt’s clothing store that carries Junior Women’s Fashion as well as from other stores her aunt is affiliated with. Hair and makeup will be done by Jasmine. We do have a photographer who has


Pantone Fashion Spring 2013

Link to Pantone Spring 2013 Fashion and Color Trend Report:




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Street Blog: Concept Statement

SanteeMapSantee Alley is located in the Fashion District in Downtown Los Angeles. It is between on Maple Ave and Santee Ave and run from 12th Street and Olympic Blvd.  “The Alley” is one of the biggest shopping destinations in Los Angeles. Santee Alley sells everything from women’s wear, shoes, accessories, shoes, and cosmetics.

We wanted to focus our blog on the street fashion of Santee Alley. Since it’s in the heart of the Fashion District, we wanted to see what kind of people shop here and why they choose to shop here instead of other shopping centers such as malls, outlets, etc. Also, we want to see what people are buying and the price points. Since the alley is known to sell counterfeits, we want to also investigate if any of these fashionistas are prone to buy these types of items.

We are going to look for women and men, who are between the ages of 18-26. We will use photography and video to capture any interaction we have with people.

Sample of questions we might ask:

What brings you to Santee Alley?

What inspires your fashion choices?

What’s your favorite store in Santee Alley?

Do you buy all your clothes from Santee Alley? If not, what do you buy?

How far did you travel to get here?

How long have you been shopping here?

Raw Beauty Retail Store: Concept Statement & Visual Boards

Raw Beauty by Estee Lauder represents enhancing your beauty through natural products . With organic details, the retail store provides a fresh and lightweight feeling. Natural tones such as beige, whites, soft browns and accents of green and teal bring together a comfortable place to shop for cosmetics. Textures such as distressed wood, bamboo, and stained glass give the place a modern place to shop for cosmetics. With an open layout, you are free to try out products on the tables to find that perfect lipstick for the night on the town. One unique feature we offer behind our teal glass panel, is our Beauty Bar, where you can come and get your makeup done for special occasions or have a makeup lesson with a makeup artist. While you wait we have a seating area, where you can sit and check out editorial magazines showcasing your favorite Raw Beauty products.

Visual Board

Product Statement & Demographic Report


esteelauderEstēe Lauder is a cosmetics retailer that began in 1946 and quickly became one of the leaders in the cosmetic industry. The company has managed to maintain a profitable success with people who have followed them since it began and generations after that. With that being said, they tend to attract middle aged women with advertisements from celebrities of the same age. Younger women are not specifically targeted to these products, although they create some of the best cosmetics compared to others that do target younger people. Therefore, I am choosing to rebrand Estēe Lauder and create a line to attract a younger market but still keeping some of the classic qualities of the Lauder brand.

Raw Beauty by Estēe will be division within Estēe Lauder brand to target the young adult market. It will target mostly women from the ages 18-28, with a median income of $25,000. Most of these women are high school graduates, either working full time or attending college/university. There will be a precise budget price points, ranging from $15-$50. The brand will only be carried in their own store and online.

These cosmetics will be used by the young woman who needs the refined beauty products without the older generation feeling. They are looking for trendy cosmetic products with a fixed price point and chic packaging. Also, they are going to be targeted with cruelty free products, since Estēe Lauder is known for testing on animals. Promotion and marketing will be based on emerging artists and actresses. Overall, with Estēe Lauder classics and a refreshed concept, Raw Beauty by Estēe will be prosperous in the cosmetic industry.